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BOTANICAL / MEDICAL works and info

All sorts of interesting works

All sorts of botanical books digitized:

digitized works by Dodoens, Catesby, Fuchs, Brunfels, Lonicer, Mattioli, Reede tot Drakestein, Tabernaemontanus and many others:

Gallica France: NNBB many digitized works!! Search by author's name or title word:

General site Complutense Madrid with many digitized works (search by author or title):

Clusius Exoticorum:

Clusius Rariorum :

Clusius Antidotarium -- see under Aboca Museum

Clusius Spanish flora:

Elysium Brittanicum: see in Aboca Museum :

Italian herbals in British Library  (via search):

Bauhin's Botanisch Theater & Catalogus Plantarum circa Basileam etc.:,_Gaspard.html <,_Gaspard.html>

Bauhin Pinax:

Bauhin Prodromos :

Conrad Gesner Histora Plantarum: (only a small number of pages):

Works on botanical illustrations:

Amsterdam UB botany (also 17thC album of plants for the Amsterdam hortus) :

Aboca Museum: all sorts of (partial) botanical / medical works:

Botanical books:

Lobel Icones Stirpium:

Plantaardigheden: links to many old herbals:

Dioscorides Vienna:

Elysium Brittanicum (17th C):

BIOLIB   (botanical matters):

Linnaean herbarium:

Dodonaeus' works :

Fabio Colonna:

Gerrard Herbal 1597:

Pierre Vallet:,%20Pierre&creatorID=57

Tabernaemontanus :

Hortus Malabaricus:

Rumphius on Ambon:

MGB Rare books :

Ferrari / Bloemaert hesperides:

Curiosity collections Europe:

Old and new Plant names:

Tulip History :


Neolatin Books!!!!  MANY:

Documenta Rudolphina Vienna:

Vienna Medical History :

Dutch maritime museum collections:

Medieval MSS in Germany:{75a9a9e5-8a4d-4021-83db-7db0967c59f2}&cnt=14366&:i=1&query=fuchs

Medieval MSS in the Netherlands:

Curiosity collections:

Malvine: correspondence in European collections :

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; search the collection :,%20Bartholomeus&operator=contains&field=artist&lang=nl

Trew collection Erlangen:

Italian libraries :

Historical sources of Bruges :

Medici Archive Project:

Accademia dei Lincei:

German humanists:

Scaliger Project at Warburg Institute:

Voyages of Exploration:

Galileo project: - all Orta, Acosta, Carolus their works online - on Portuguese doctors and botanists.  - for buying